The DSD Program has been designed to assist the clinician and 1 staff member to integrate the DSD concept into their practice

Systems will be taught and presented in hard copy that will enable the practice to offer and deliver DSD designed smiles via their own workups of the DSD Online portal

It is important for staff to understand the concept and be taught how to assist the clinician in the delivery pf DSD designed smiles

Systems to be discussed and hands on training in include:

  • Photography systems
  • Liason with ceramist/DSD Online for wax ups and transfers to assist the patient to see their planned DSD smile
  • Communication systems in Treatment Planning and Case Presentation
  • Financial discussion systems for staff to assist patients in accepting aesthetic dentistry

This is a day not to be missed by clinicians keen to involve their staff and practice with the DSD concept

Dr Derry Rogers and the DR Institute is the only accredited training centre in Australasia accredited by Christian Coachman to teach deliver and accredit his DSD systems.

DSD Training